Benny Heath


Benny started in the fire sprinkler industry in the Tampa area summer of 1973. He started in the fabrication shop but was transferred to design later that year. In 1983, he passed the state fire marshal test and received a class 1 certificate of competency for fire sprinklers. He and his family moved to Clermont that year and began working for a mechanical contractor in charge of the fire sprinkler division.

In December of 1985, Eagle Fire Protection was incorporated with the state of Florida. Benny and his family moved to Winter Garden in 1987, where he and his wife still live. Benny met his wife, Joyce, on a mission trip in 1975 and married her the summer of 1976. They have two children. Sarah, the oldest, is a missionary and lives in Romania with her husband and their 4 children. Heather graduated from UCF with a business degree and works with Benny. She is involved in marketing. Benny is active in his local church, Glad Tidings church in Ocoee, FL. He is part of the leadership as well as the missions coordinator.

Throughout the years, Benny has directed many missions teams around the world. This includes-working on churches in Gabon, Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Africa, Peru, Ecuador, Macedonia, Cuba, and Jamaica. He has also been involved in local projects such as going to Mississippi after hurricane Katerina and recently to West Florida after hurricane Matthew. Benny and Joyce travel as often as possible to see their 4 grandchildren in Romania.

Andres Saldias


Andres Saldias has 25 years of business management experience. Andres has a Business Administration, Master’s Degree in International Business, and holds Bachelor’s in Political Science. He is a hands-on professional with strong qualifications and a track record for increasing organizational revenues. A strategic entrepreneur with a focus in business development, executive management, and extensive experience in supply chain, business analysis, international trade, global sourcing, company re-branding, B2B, B2C, P&L and expanding distribution channels. Andres also has a unique approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and organizational process development and improvement. Andres is an “out of the box” thinker with a keen ability to lead, train, and motivate efficient production teams. As CEO of Eagle Fire Protection the last four years, Andres has re-engineered the administration and production processes creating a new corporate structure resulting in increased revenue levels which are contributing to exceptional company growth.

Andres’s passion is to help developing countries by contributing his business know how in creating better work conditions and generating labor conditions in order to eradicate poverty. Under God’s call and guidance, he has helped business owners, at risk women’s and youth groups, and even indigents from the streets in developing small businesses creating jobs, improving market conditions, and creating livable wages for otherwise economically depressed regions. He has provided missions work and advice contributing to job creation in 30 countries including South East Asia, Latin America, Central America, Africa, The Caribbean and Eastern Europe. While Andres operates as the CEO of Eagle Fire Protection, he still follows his heart by positively impacting the global economy through his committed work.

Andres has been married for over 25 years and has 4 beautiful children. Disney is their favorite place to spend time as family.

Michael Irizarry

Sales Director

Michael attended Wingate University majoring in International Relations with a minor-studies in Marketing. Michael is an accomplished Sales Executive with a background in sales analytics and sales management. Michael started his career in the finance industry first working as a Loan Officer with a mortgage company here in Orlando. After finding early success, Michael was quickly promoted into a Sales Management role leading his team from near bottom revenues to leading his branch. Building on his success, he went on to work for a large US financial institution working as a Regional Manager.

During that time, he managed a total of 11 retail lending centers located throughout the Southeast United States. Again, under his leadership, he was able to promote a work environment that catapulted his region from near bottom in production to highest in the organization. He also worked extensively in technology sales, specifically public education at the Superintendent level.

Whether in finance or technology he has always exceeded organizational sales standards. Michael has always found success is achieved through proper motivation, encouragement, teaching, personal responsibility, and being able to learn from past experiences. He is passionate about helping others to achieve success and reaching their personal goals. In his three years at Eagle Fire Protection, Gross Sales have increased year to year at an average rate of 25%. Additionally, he has expanded General Contractor engagement by roughly 40% overall.

Michael is married to his beautiful wife Vanessa and have 3 incredible children. Michael and his family are avid cruisers and have traveled most of the Caribbean. During the summers you can always find the Irizarry’s at one of our beautiful Florida Beaches,

Heather Heath

Marketing Director

Heather was born and raised in Central Florida. She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Business. Heather has been working with Eagle Fire for over 14 years as an Office Manager and was recently promoted to Marketing Director.

Heather’s back office experience along with her business background give her a distinctive vision for continued marketing expansion here at Eagle Fire. In her spare time, Heather enjoys traveling including foreign missions.